You will find shirts, mugs, stickers and etc in the Clothing store. 
Homemade clay products are in the Pendant store.
Homemade hats and amigurumi figures are in the Hats & Dolls store.
The Gallery is for things that are not currently available for sale, for showing-off purposes.

New products and other news will be announced below. 

Don't see something that you'd like to see? Leave a comment below.
It's been a while since I've made something worth turning into products, but here are a few. The owl is a remake of an old design that was too small to put on anything. 

The 3-eyed cat is Tom the Toxic Cat. He's a reminder about what happens when people don't take care of the environment.

The cat face is based off of a nightgown I had as a little kid. 



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Happy Holidays!

We have some new items in the clothing shop. 

And introducing a new character! Welcome, Marcus.
Happy Talk like a Pirate Day! 

Today only you can get 15% off all Zazzle shirts.Just use the code: AAARRRGGGHHH

Also, check out the Hats & Dolls section, as stuff has been happening there. I'm slowly adding things. XD
There are some new Zazzle products going up sometime within the next 24 hours.

New Snakkitty can be found in the Zazzle shop!